Fact Sheet

Date: September 21 - 24, 2011 (09:00 to 17:00 hours)
Venuel: SECC- Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center
799 Nguyen Van Linh Parkway, Tan Phu Ward District 7, Ho Chi Minh City
Organizers: Ministry of Industry & Trade-Vietnam National Trade Fair & Advertising Joint-stock Company
Paper Communication Exhibition Service
Yorkers Trade & Marketing Service Co., Ltd.
Chan Chao Int'l Co., Ltd.
Worldexh International Co., Limited
Sponsors: Vietnam Building Ceramic Association – VIBCA
Ministry of Industry & Trade
Ministry of Planning & Investment
Ministry of Science, Technology
Ministry of Natural Resources & Environment
Supporting Media: Chian Ceramic Web
Foshan Jingye Net Work Co., Ltd.

Hot News

Ho Chi Minh City ---The Only Right Choice for the Vietnam Ceramic Show

1.The South Capital VS The North Capital: Based on statistics the building ceramics manufacturers in Ho Chi Minh City are mainly invested by Taiwan and other foreign investors while most of the enterprises in Hanoi owned by the government and local private owners. Due to the macro-control policy by the government early this year, the banks failed to pay the credit loan so that the credit rate rose to a historical top rate of over 23%. It becomes a burden on the development and expansion of the government owned and local enterprises in the North. The foreign investors take the advantages of funds to expand and develop quickly this year. Basing in the Ho Chi Minh City, the foreign investors have greater demands on sourcing equipments and raw materials.
2.Different roles of Ho Chi Minh & Hanoi: Ho Chi Minh City(formerly named Saigon) is the economic center of Vietnam and accounts for a large proportion of the economy of Vietnam. It is the important transportation hub in Vietnam and with the biggest inter port in Vietnam and international Airport. It is the biggest industrial base in Vietnam including the industries like textile, chemical, shipbuilding ,machinery etc. taking up over 30% of the GDP. Being a business city, many International furniture and machinery shows are held in Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center(SECC). On the other hand, Hanoi is the traditional capital and the center of politics even not a single famous show is hold there.

Promotion at the CERAMICS CHINA 2011
As the largest and the most important annual ceramics exhibition in Asia Pacific, The 25th China International Ceramics Industry Exhibition (CERAMICS CHINA 2011) has been successfully on schedule during May 26th ~29th , 2011 at China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex (Guangzhou).

As one of the world’s top international events, CERAMICS CHINA has been come through 25years since it launched in 1987, which is not only the mirror of the development of China ceramics industry, but also closely tied with the global ceramics industry that actively contributes to the development of the industry over the years.

As the organizer of 2011 Vietnam Int'l Ceramic Industry Exhibition, Worldexh International Co. Ltd had meetings with other ceramics organizers and met interested exhibitors in the great show. Many Chinese exhibitor and European exhibitors are longing for a professional ceramics show in Vietnam.

Cooperation between Vietnam Building Ceramic Association and Chanchao.
VIBCA has reached agreement with Chan Chao International Co., Ltd to represent 2011 Vietnam Int'l Ceramic Industry Exhibition as co-organizer. And VIBCA will promote the show to their members by letters of invitation, magazine and website.

Guangdong Agent---China Council for the Promotion of International Trade(CCPIT)Guangzhou Committee has been appointed as the Guangdong Agent for 2011 Vietnam Int'l Ceramic Industry Exhibition and will provide the Guangdong enterprises one-stop service to explore the Vietnam market.

Exhibit Profile

  • Technology and facility for the production of ceramic building materials (processing technology and facility for raw material; mould,press,drying unit,glazing,kiln)
  • Technology and facility for the production of ceramic sanitary wares (processing technology and facility for raw material; mould,forming,drying unit,glazing,kiln)
  • Technology and facility for the production of daily use ceramics (processing technology and facility for raw material; mould,forming,drying unit,glazing,kiln)
  • Production technology and facility of artistic ceram-ics
  • Production technology and facility of high technology and special ceramics
  • Decorative technology and equipment (pad printing,roller printing)
  • Raw materials,chemicals,mould materials,flame-resistant materials
  • Decorative materials (colors,glazes,paste gold,liquid gold)
  • Ceramics for industrial use:ceramic ball,ceramic filter,filling materials,acid-resisting and heat-resistant materials,foam building bricks,supporting materials,catalyst
  • Ceramic building materials,sanitary wares,ceramics for daily use,artistic ceramics,special ceramics
  • New technology and patented products
  • Others:research & training,technology transfer,associations,media, publishers

Exhibit Rate

Registration Fee:USD 300/exhibitor
Shell Scheme : USD250/sqm(min. 9sqm)

Standard Booth's Facilities:
Needles punched Carpet
3 Side System Panel
1 Set Fascia Name
1 Unit Reception Desk
2 Units Folding Chairs
3 Units Spotlight 100w
1 Unit Waste Basket
1 Unit of 5AMP/220V Single Phase Power Socket

Raw Space : USD220/sqm (min. 36 sqm)

Marketing Plan

Invite visitors from professional Magazines, Newspaper, Websites, and TV media;

Advertisement will be published in designated columns of major newspaper.

Commercials will be aired on major television channels a week before exhibition, and exhibition information will be broadcast nationwide during exhibition days.

Exhibition programs will be aired intensively a week before.

Publish in domestic and overseas professional magazines, and invite foreign companies and domestic experts to join the exhibition. Information by email and by post.

Media Partners