24-27 April, 2019

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Exhibitor Benefits


Exhibitors is entitled to numerous events and promotional opportunities. The organizer would like exhibitors to have the maximum branding exposure at the show, so please take advantage of any and all benefits.


1. Exhibitors Profile


Exhibitors' company profile, product lists and contact information will be displayed on website for visitors' reference upon exhibitors self-editing.


2. Online Product lists


Five Products Information for visitors' reference will be uploaded to website for free. Additional product lists will be charged upon request.


3. Exhibitor Press Release


One Exhibitor Press Release will be uploaded to website for free. Additional Press Release will be charged upon request.


4. Invitation Card

The Organizer offers free invitation cards for exhibitors to invite their suppliers or clients. The Organizer reserves the right to the quantity of invitation cards.


5. Visa Invitation Letters


The Organizer issues invitation letter to exhibitors for applying visa upon request.